TROY T7 CIJ marking printer is our latest product that offers a global approach, which is essential to today’s business. It meets stringent manufacturing and traceability requirements without compromising efficiency.

Troy’s proprietory technologies TROY Dual Ejector Pump (T-DEP) are reliable technological solutions for any environments. With 25 pixels and 3 line printing capability, the T-7 printer can be used to almost on any kind. of material or surface.

Why To Use

Robust Design!

Powerful performances. High speed multi-line printing and 1.6 liters large ink reservoir. Multi-language support. RS232/485 Communication. Tone-up touch panel.


Featured T-DEP (TROY Dual Ejector Pump) and T-PRV (TROY Pressure Regulating Valve). T-PNB (Permanent Nozzle Block) function with integrated single main board.

Great User Friendly!

10.4″ large LCD Touch Panel. Easy-to-use animated monitoring system and operating program. Simple ink and makeup refill. Easy START/STOP.


Designed for demanding facilities and production environments. Simply and robust design, NEMA4 (IP65) Design.

Easy Maintenance!

Easy USB portal upgrade. Automatic log recording. Structured Manuals. A variety of user interface.

Simple Applications!

Guaranteed printhead and bracket quality. Size of console that can be hold and installed anywhere.

Special Features

  • T-DEP (TROY Dual Ejector Pump)
  • Advanced and Efficient T-Manifolder
  • T-PNB(TROY Permanent Nozzle Block)
  • Simple Ink and Makeup Refill
  • 4″ TFT LCD Touch Panel
  • Real-time Monitoring and Alarm Function
  • Easy-to-use Icon User Interface
  • Large Capacity Ink Reservoir
  • Integrated Single PCB
  • Nozzle Block Assembly
  • NEMA4 (IP65) Design
  • User Friendly Application & Installation
  • Easy USB port Upgrade
  • Safe and High Quality of Ink Supply