T7 Soft Pigment

In order to meet demands from customers, Troy introduces T7 Soft Pigment CIJ(Continuous Ink Jet) System. Without additional costs, Soft Pigment ink can be used on T7 marking system. It is used to print on the dark colored surface. All specifications are equvalent to the regular T7, but its yellow Pigment ink is used for production efficiency. 26 Pixle 3 lines (7 dot matrix) environment provided by T7 system enables the printer to work any environment with yellow color marking.

Why To Use

Robust Design!

Powerful performances. High speed multi-line printing and 1.6 liters large ink reservoir. Multi-language support. RS232/485 Communication. Tone-up touch panel.


Featured T-DEP (TROY Dual Ejector Pump) and T-PRV (TROY Pressure Regulating Valve). T-PNB (Permanent Nozzle Block) function with integrated single main board.

Great User Friendly!

10.4″ large LCD Touch Panel. Easy-to-use animated monitoring system and operating program. Simple ink and makeup refill. Easy START/STOP.


Designed for demanding facilities and production environments. Simply and robust design, NEMA4 (IP65) Design.

Easy Maintenance!

Easy USB portal upgrade. Automatic log recording. Structured Manuals. A variety of user interface.

Simple Applications!

Guaranteed printhead and bracket quality. Size of console that can be hold and installed anywhere.

Special Features

  • T-DEP (TROY Dual Ejector Pump)
  • Advanced and Efficient T-Manifolder
  • T-PNB(TROY Permanent Nozzle Block)
  • Simple Ink and Makeup Refill
  • 4″ TFT LCD Touch Panel
  • Real-time Monitoring and Alarm Function
  • Easy-to-use Icon User Interface
  • Large Capacity Ink Reservoir
  • Integrated Single PCB
  • Nozzle Block Assembly
  • NEMA4 (IP65) Design
  • User Friendly Application & Installation
  • Easy USB port Upgrade
  • Safe and High Quality of Ink Supply